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Thank you for all your feedback.  Final workbooks can be viewed herehttp://www.leadingforpatients.ca/category/final-workbooks/


Workbook Feedback Process has now ended

Your feedback and comments are welcome throughout the website. Community engagement in this process is vital to us. Please provide your views, ideas and suggestions.

Several working groups, comprised of physicians, staff and management, have been created to examine a number of clinical and back-office areas as part of our review process. The working groups are following a careful process outlined in this document, A Guiding Framework for Patient Care and Back Office Working Groups, and we encourage everyone to read it.  The membership of the clinical workgroups can be found in this document, and the membership of the back office working groups here.

Each working group has documented its discussions in a workbook.  You can review the workbooks by clicking on the links below.  Since they were last published, Sections 2.1 and 2.2 of the Workbooks have now been completed by the Patient Care Working Groups. These sections provide an overview of the potential opportunities identified by the Working Groups within the areas of focus, as well as a high-level assessment of potential opportunities based on information provided in section 1.

Phase 3 Workbooks For Review and Comment

Since they were last published, the last section of the Workbooks – Section 3 has now been completed by the Patient Care Working Groups. These workbooks will be posted starting September 27, 2013 as they become ready. Section 3 of these new workbook versions provides an overview of recommended integration opportunities. The Working Groups have articulated a rationale that describes the degree to which the integration opportunity supports each of the Guiding Principles. Archived copies of earlier versions of these workbooks can be found here.



Rouge Valley Health System (RVHS) and The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) encourage you to use the feedback form below to share your views on the draft workbooks as they are being developed. This will help to better inform us on the integration process.

On September 16, a Surgical Program Opportunities Identification Session was held with surgical leadership from Rouge Valley Health System and The Scarborough Hospital.  The session objectives were to:

  • Develop a common understanding of the current state of the Surgical Programs at the two hospital corporations
  • Explore and develop a portfolio of potential integration opportunities for Surgical Programs.

The outputs of this session have been provided for your feedback.



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