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Rouge Valley Health System and The Scarborough Hospital Staff Town Halls

A lot of work has been done since The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) and Rouge Valley Health System (RVHS) entered into a facilitated integration process directed by the Central East LHIN in March 2013.

We are now launching the Community Consultation and Stakeholder Engagement phase of the process in order to reach out to our staff, physicians, community members and partners for your ideas and feedback regarding the risks and benefits of a potential merger. As part of that staff town hall meetings were held on August 28, 2013 for both TSH and RVHS employees.  View the presentations for each town hall meeting and the Q&A from staff below.

Rouge Valley Health System (RVHS)

PDF: RVHS staff town hall presentation

Video: http://youtu.be/-iGbyAG-bo8


The Scarborough Hospital (TSH)

PDF: THS staff town hall presentation

Video: http://youtu.be/-r0YQdcohbo 

Q&A from all August 28 Staff Town Hall Meetings

Once you’ve reviewed the presentations, you can view the entire Q&A from these staff town hall meetings.

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