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Preferred Integration Plan: Final Report & Appendices

Since June 2013, the two hospitals have participated in a process to learn more about each other with a view to identifying opportunities where they have the potential to be stronger together. Fifteen groups made up of front line leaders, physicians, clinicians and administrators were established to look at the current state of 11 clinical programs and 4 back office areas and to generate integration ideas that would improve quality, access and care for the citizens of Scarborough and west Durham. The groups were tasked with soliciting input from key stakeholders to inform the completion of workbooks that identified over 40 potential integration opportunities with associated benefits, risks and mitigation strategies.

In addition to the work of the clinical and back office Working Groups, an extensive stakeholder engagement process was undertaken to solicit input from community groups, staff and physicians, citizens of Scarborough and west Durham, politicians, and other stakeholders to explore the benefits and risks of a possible merger. Over 400 stakeholders provided direct input and were engaged over a three month period. Furthermore, some 16,000 persons participated in telephone town halls and there were more than 130,000 social media hits.


Final Report and Appendices

Presented below are the final report and its associated detailed appendices. Click on each link to download a PDF version of the file. Please note, some of these files are quite large and may take some time to download.

Final Report

Appendix A – Approach & Methodology

Appendix B – Key Facts

Appendix C – Health Human Resources Report

Appendix D – Facilities and Infrastructure Report (Download Part 1 | Download Part 2)

Appendix E – Summary of Opportunities

Appendix F – Workbooks

Appendix G – Board Motions

Appendix H – Planning Framework

Appendix I – Stakeholder Engagement Report

Appendix J – Summary of Financial Impacts Identified by Working Groups

Appendix K – Tentative Legal Critical Path

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 Community Feedback on Final Report

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