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Integration Leadership Committee Terms of Reference

Motion 1a

The Scarborough Hospital will convene a panel of physician and community leaders to review the proposed vision of TSH Birchmount as a Centre of Excellence in Maternal Newborn and Women’s Health and the proposed surgical models for the TSH-General and TSH Birchmount sites. The panel’s report must address the concerns and risks that have been identified by stakeholders before moving forward with any implementation activities, with a report back to Central East LHIN Board in no more than 90 days.

Motion 1b

At the same time, in partnership with the Rouge Valley Health System, local stakeholders and physician leaders, TSH is to develop a Service Delivery Model for Maternal-Child-Youth (MCY) services (which includes obstetrics, neonates and pediatrics) for the Scarborough Cluster, as well as a plan for a LHIN regional program for advanced Neonatal and pediatric care as recommended in the 2009 Hospital Clinical Services Plan and endorsed by the respective hospital boards at that time, with a report back to Central East LHIN Board in no more than 90 days.

Motion 3

Effective immediately, The Scarborough Hospital will partner with Rouge Valley Health System in a facilitated integration planning process to design and implement a Scarborough Cluster hospital services delivery model through:

  • Integration of front-line services;
  • Back office functions; and
  • Leadership and/or governance,

in order to improve client access to high quality services, create a readiness for future health system transformation and make the best use of the public’s investment.

With input from its stakeholders, the hospitals will submit to the Central East LHIN, for its review, a directional plan in no more than 60 days. The proposed integration Plan will be submitted to the LHIN within six months.

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