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Integration Leadership Committee (ILC)

The Integration Leadership Committee (ILC) is guiding the facilitated integration process between The Scarborough Hospital (TSH) and Rouge Valley Health System(RVHS), Centenary campus.

The Integration Leadership Committee, whose membership is composed of senior administrative, medical leadership and board representatives from TSH and RVHS, community representatives and the
CEO of the Central East Local Health Integration Network (Central East LHIN), is leading the facilitated integration planning process. The ILC is co-chaired by the Chairs of the TSH and RVHS Boards.

Name Organization / Stakeholder Group

  • Israt Ahmed, Community Member (RVHS)
  • Robert Biron, TSH CEO
  • Dr. Jagdish Butany, TSH Board Member
  • Dr. Tom Chan, TSH Chief of Staff
  • Dr. Jordan Cheskes, RVHS Medical Staff Society Representative
  • Fred Clifford, RVHS Board Member
  • Rik Ganderton, RVHS CEO
  • Deborah Hammons, CE LHIN CEO
  • Dr. Henry Huang, RVHS Medical Staff Society Representative
  • Dr. Eric Hurowitz, TSH Medical Staff Association Representative
  • Jay Kaufman, RVHS Board Member
  • Lyn McDonell, TSH Board Member
  • Dr. Naresh Mohan, RVHS Chief of Staff
  • Sujee Jeganathan, Community Member (TSH)
  • Stephen Smith, (ILC Co-Chair) TSH Board Chair
  • Dr.Robert Ting, TSH Medical Staff Association Representative
  • Joan Wideman, (ILC Co-Chair) RVHS Board Chair
  • Janet Davidson and Georgina Black Facilitators

The ILC is committed to engaging and hearing from community residents, patients and caregivers, volunteers, front line staff, physicians, local government stakeholders and other health care partners, on how the
hospitals can build a new, stronger integrated model for delivering healthcare services in Scarborough.

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