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Important Message to the Community – Scarborough Hospitals Facilitated Integration

Health care in Ontario is changing and the hospitals in Scarborough must be active participants in this change to ensure that local residents continue to have access to high-quality and safe health care. As health system leaders, our commitment to the residents we serve is to work in partnership with our physicians, staff, volunteers, community partners and local residents to determine how we can better coordinate and integrate health services for the community of Scarborough, while ensuring we can sustain our valued health care system for future generations.

On June 19th, both the Rouge Valley Health System and The Scarborough Hospital Boards of Directors took an important step by passing motions to proceed with stakeholder engagement and due diligence in order to determine what benefits a merger of the two hospitals will provide to the Scarborough community. There has been no decision made regarding a merger. There have been no decisions made regarding hospital program and service changes. However, we recognize that the status quo is not an option. What our future looks like has not been determined nor decided.

What we do know is that our hospitals will continue to provide high-quality and safe care during any health system transformation. We also know that all of our hospital sites will continue to be relevant, viable and essential parts of Scarborough’s hospital and health care system, and that the Emergency Departments will stay open at the three Scarborough hospitals.

The goal over the next few months is to examine the opportunities and potential risks involved in merging the two hospital organizations. We ask you to participate in this discussion through our stakeholder engagement process, which will happen from early August to the end of October. Further details will be posted to our hospital websites in the next few weeks. The input received through our extensive stakeholder consultation as well as the due diligence process will assist the hospital Boards in their decision-making process regarding a preferred integration plan.

During time of change, we don’t always have the answers before us, and that is the case now. It is important that we base our discussion and decisions on fact. The important discussion underway can only happen with everyone’s commitment to work together towards our shared goal of having a strong health care system for Scarborough residents. We know that this is not an easy discussion; however, it is one that we must have to ensure the ongoing provision of care is in place for our family, friends and neighbours when they are in need.

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