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Fast Facts: Scarborough Hospitals Facilitated Integration


Since March of this year, The Scarborough Hospital and Rouge Valley Health System have been exploring ways to work together to design a sustainable health system for the Scarborough community. The discussions are a result of a March 27, Central East LHIN Board of Directors’ motion directing TSH to partner with RVHS in a facilitated integration process to identify how the two hospital corporations can create a Scarborough hospital services delivery model. The goal is to develop an integrated and coordinated model to support the delivery of high-quality, accessible and safe hospital programs and services for the residents of Scarborough. The Integration Leadership Committee (ILC), with representatives from the Boards of TSH and RVHS, administrative and medical leadership and the Scarborough community, drafted a proposed Facilitated Integration Planning Framework for discussion and decision by the two hospital Boards.

On Wednesday, June 19, TSH and RVHS Boards of Directors passed motions:

The Scarborough Hospital and Rouge Valley Health System to proceed with stakeholder engagement and due diligence in order to determine what benefits a merger of the two hospitals will provide to the Scarborough community.

While no final decisions have been made at this point, RVHS, TSH and the Central East LHIN recognize that the status quo is not an option. RVHS and TSH must work together to identify actions that support a coordinated and integrated approach to delivering hospital services for Scarborough residents.

Guided by the Central East LHIN’s Board Motion, the ILC discussed a variety of approaches to integration. After exploring the value of various integration options, the rationale for focusing on this option is to:

  • Develop a long term vision for hospital services for the Scarborough communities
  • Develop a solution that will make the Scarborough hospitals more competitive in response to changes in how the government is changing the funding model
  • Develop a solution that has the potential to maintain access and maintain or improve quality while dealing with a decline in available financial resources
  • Ready the two hospital corporations for continuing health system transformation by developing a platform for better connecting with other sectors, like primary care and community agencies.

This approach was chosen because the ILC is of the unanimous view that these benefits cannot be fully achieved without a clear accountability structure represented by a single governance and leadership model.

The hospitals’ vision is “to create an integrated system of health services that is responsive to the needs of the population, provides appropriate access, delivers an outstanding experience for patients and their caregivers, and uses our resources efficiently so that these services are sustainable into the future.”

The facilitated integration planning process will:

  • look at integrated leadership and governance for both hospital corporations at all four sites
  • look at back office integration opportunities for all four sites
  • explore the patient care service integration opportunities in Scarborough at the Birchmount, General and Centenary sites.

The integration planning process will not include patient care services currently delivered in the Durham cluster at the Rouge Valley Ajax and Pickering site.
The hospitals have developed guiding principles for the work:

  • Collaboration: We believe that collaboration will lead us to better solutions.
  • Accessibility: We believe in providing accessible patient care to our community.
  • Sustainability: We believe that we must find new solutions to sustain our health care system.
  • Excellence: We believe that we must never waver from our responsibilities to provide quality patient care and to be transparent and accountable to our stakeholders.

The milestone dates for this integration planning process are:

  • Develop Project Charter, team structure, approach and workplan from June 21 – July 1
  • Develop Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Plan from June 21 – July 31
  • Confirm the due diligence process from June 21 – July 31
  • Implement stakeholder engagement from August 1 – September 30
  • Complete a current state analysis by gathering data and information as part of the due diligence from June 21 – September 30
  • Draft a business plan and preferred integration plan for October 4 incorporating results of stakeholder engagement and due diligence
  • Submit the preferred integration plan to the TSH and RVHS Boards of Directors by October 11
  • Submit the preferred integration plan to the Central East LHIN Board of Directors on October 18

Upcoming Milestones:

  • Monday, June 24, 9:00 am: Central East LHIN Board of Directors Meeting, Shepherd Village, Scarborough
  • 9:10 – 10:10 am – Proposed Facilitated Integration Planning Framework

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