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RVHS-TSH Motion 1B Final Report

The RVHS-TSH Motion 1B Final Report is now available. The RVHS-TSH Motion 1B Collaborative interprofessional team worked together as outlined in the March 27, 2013 Central East Local Health Integration Network (Central East LHIN) motion:

“…in partnership with the Rouge Valley Health System, local stakeholders and physician leaders, TSH is to develop a Service Delivery Model for Maternal-Child-Youth (MCY) services (which includes obstetrics, neonates and paediatrics) for the Scarborough Cluster,  as well as a plan for a LHIN regional program for advanced neonatal and paediatric care as recommended in the 2009 Hospital Clinical Services Plan and endorsed by the respective hospital boards at that time, with a report back to Central East LHIN Board in no more than 90 days.”

Throught the process, the Collaborative identified specific elements required to successfully design a service delivery model for our future state of Maternal Child Youth Services in Scarborough, which have been captured in this final report.


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